Agricultural Machinery

Goodwill transmission components have been successfully applied to various agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, balers, Grain elevators, flail mowers, forage choppers, feed mixer wagons, and straw blowers, etc. Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of agricultural machinery, our transmission components are known for their durability, high precision, and ease of maintenance. At Goodwill, we recognize the harsh conditions and heavy workloads that agricultural machinery often faces. Therefore, our transmission components are designed to meet these challenges and ensure long-lasting performance. We prioritize precision in the manufacturing process, guaranteeing high precision standards and efficient mechanical operation. With superior transmission components from Goodwill, our customers can rely on our products to improve the durability, accuracy, and ease of maintenance of their agricultural machinery.

In addition to standard parts, we offer a range of products tailored specifically for the agricultural machinery industry.

Speed Reducing Device

The MTO speed reducing devices are widely used in agricultural disc mowers made in EU.

Compact Construction & High Accuracy of Speed Reducing.
More Reliable & Longer Life.
Any other similar speed reducing devices can be made on request, according to drawings or samples.

Agricultural machinery
Agricultural machinery1

Custom Sprockets

Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast iron, Aluminium
No. of Chain Rows: 1, 2, 3
Hub Configuration: A, B, C
Hardened Teeth: Yes / No
Bore Types: TB, QD, STB, Stock Bore, Finished Bore, Splined Bore, Special Bore

Our MTO sprockets are widely used in various kinds of agricultural machines, such as mowers, rotary tedders, round balers, etc. Custom sprockets are available, as long as drawings or samples are provided.

Spare Parts

Material: Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast iron, Aluminium
Goodwill provides various kinds of spare parts used in agricultural machines, such as mowers, rotary tedders, round balers, combine harvesters, etc.

Superior casting, forging and machining capability makes Goodwill succeed in manufacturing MTO spare parts for agricultural industry.