Goodwill offers European and American standard pulleys, as well as matching bushings and keyless locking devices. They are manufactured to high standards to ensure a perfect fit to the pulleys and provide reliable power transmission. In addition, Goodwill offers custom pulleys including cast iron, steel, stamped pulleys and idler pulleys. We have advanced custom manufacturing capabilities to create tailor-made pulley solutions based on specific requirements and application environments. In order to meet the diverse needs of customers, in addition to the electrophoretic painting, phosphating, and powder coating, Goodwill also provides surface treatment options such as painting, galvanizing, and chrome plating. These surface treatments can provide additional corrosion resistance and aesthetics to the pulley. 

Regular material: Cast iron, ductile iron, C45, SPHC

Electrophoretic painting, phosphating, powder coating, zinc plating

  • European Standard Series





  • American Standard Series

    AK, BK

    TA, TB, TC

    B, C, D

    3V, 5V, 8V

    J, L, M

    VP, VL, VM

Durability, Precision, Diversity

Durability is at the heart of the Goodwill pulley design. Constructed of high-grade cast iron and steel, pulleys are designed to withstand heavy loads and perform in extreme conditions. The surface of the pulley has undergone a series of advanced treatments such as phosphating and electrophoresis to resist rust and corrosion. 

Precision is another outstanding feature of Goodwill pulleys. With precise dimensional accuracy and strict quality control measures, each pulley is manufactured to fit perfectly with the belt, minimizing vibration, noise and wear. Careful design and manufacturing processes ensure smooth and efficient operation, reducing pulley maintenance requirements and extending pulley and belt life. Regardless of the intensity of the application, you can trust that Goodwill pulleys will maintain their precise performance throughout their service life.

The pulleys are designed with a variety of bore options to meet different customer preferences and requirements. Whether you need a tapered or straight bore, Goodwill pulleys can meet your needs. In addition, if customers want to machine the bore diameter by themselves, they can choose the stockbore option. 

Goodwill pulleys are the best choice for industries such as agriculture, mining, oil and gas, woodworking, air conditioning and more. From flail mowers and crushers to oil pumping machine and sawmills, our pulleys provide essential power transmission and rotational motion. Applied to compressors and lawn mowers, Goodwill pulleys are a versatile solution for every sector. Experience the excellence and reliability of Goodwill Pulleys and take your operation to new heights. Choose Goodwill to witness the power of transmission.