Torque Limiter

The torque limiter is a reliable and effective device consisting of various components such as hubs, friction plates, sprockets, bushings, and springs.. In the event of a mechanical overload, the torque limiter quickly disconnects the drive shaft from the drive assembly, protecting critical components from failure. This essential mechanical component prevents damage to your machine and eliminates costly downtime.

At Goodwill we pride ourselves on producing torque limiters made from select materials, each component being one of our staple products. Our rigorous production techniques and proven processes set us to stand out, ensuring reliable and effective solutions that reliably protect machines and systems from costly overload damage.

  • Torque Limiter

    Part No.:

    TL50-1, TL50-2, TL65-1,

    TL65-2, TL89-1, TL89-2,

    TL127-1, TL127-2, TL178-1,


Protection, Reliability, Precision

Our torque limiters are designed to be adjustable, allowing flexibility to set the proper torque for each specific application. This allows for optimal performance and prevents premature failure.

Fast Response
Our torque limiters respond quickly when torque overload is detected. This allows for quick detection and prevention of damage to the device.

Simple Design
Our friction torque limiters feature a simple design that minimizes the possibility of potential failure points. With fewer parts, there is less chance of damage or wear, ensuring long-term reliability.

We use high-quality materials in the production of friction torque limiters, ensuring that they can withstand heavy loads and repeated use without loss of performance. This ensures that the equipment can continue to operate without interruption or damage.

Precision Machining
We employ precision machining techniques to ensure consistency in every product we create. This ensures consistent and accurate performance of the torque limiter in all applications. 

Goodwill's torque limiters use in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, Gate Automation, Packaging machinery, Conveyors, Forest Machinery, Textile Machinery, Assembly Lines. Motors, food and beverage, and wastewater treatment. They help protect machines and equipment from overload and damage, ensuring stable, efficient and safe operation. This reduces costs and reduces the risk of accidents or downtime, making Goodwill a valued partner for businesses looking to streamline operations and increase productivity. We are committed to providing high quality products and excellent services to help our customers succeed in their respective industries.