The Types of Chain Drive

The chain drive is composed of the drive and driven sprockets mounted on the parallel shaft and the chain, which encircle the sprockets. It has some characteristics of belt drive and gear drive. Moreover, compared with the belt drive, there is no elastic sliding and slipping phenomenon, the average transmission ratio is accurate and the efficiency is higher; Meanwhile, there is no need for a large initial tension, and the force on the shaft is smaller; when transmitting the same load, the structure is more compact and easy to assemble and disassemble; The chain drive can work well under the harsh environment such as high temperature, oil, dust and mud. Compared with gear drive, chain drive requires low installation accuracy. As chain drive works with more meshing teeth, so chain wheel teeth are subject to less force, and lighter wear. Chain drive is suitable for large center distance transmission.

1. Roller Chain Drive
Roller chain consists of inner plate, outer plate, bearing pin, bush, roller and so on. The roller plays the role of changing sliding friction into rolling friction, which is conducive to reducing friction and wear. The contact surface between bush and bearing pin is called hinge bearing surface. Roller chain has simple structure, light weight, and low price, so it is widely used. When transmitting high power, double-row chain or multi-row chain can be used, and the more rows the greater the transmission capacity.

2. Silent Chain Drive
Tooth-shaped chain drive is divided into two types: external meshing and internal meshing. In the external meshing, the external straight side of the chain mesh with the wheel teeth, while the internal side of the chain does not contact with the wheel teeth. The tooth wedge angle of the meshing is 60° and 70°, which is not only suitable for adjusting the transmission, but also suitable for the occasion of large transmission ratio and small center distance, and its transmission efficiency is high. Compared with roller chain, toothed chain has the advantages of smooth working, less noise, higher allowable chain speed, better ability to bear impact load and more uniform force on wheel teeth.

Goodwill sprockets can be found in both roller chain drives and toothed chain drives.

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The Types of Chain Drive1

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